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The administration of Montague High School reserves the right to establish rules and regulations which are not stated in this handbook but which are necessary and proper for carrying out the educational programs of the school and to ensure the safety of all Montague High School students.  When, in the judgment of the administration, a student's behavior adversely influences others or interferes with the educational process, the student will be subject to disciplinary action.

Students are to respect the property of the school and others, as well as the authority of teachers and school personnel.   They are also to follow reasonable directions from them.  When asked by any staff member, a student must identify her/himself and/or accompany the staff member to the office of an administrator.  Students can expect mutual respect on the part of all school personnel.

Montague High School will take appropriate measures to thwart theft or vandalism of personal property, school property, vehicles, or school grounds.  Such measures as the electronic surveillance system and security personnel will be preventative in nature.  When routine security measures reveal student violations, disciplinary action will be taken.   If there is a violation of state law, appropriate authorities will be notified.

It shall be the policy of the District that a reasonable cooperative effort is maintained between the school administration and law enforcement agencies.  Law enforcement officials may be summoned in order to conduct an investigation of alleged criminal conduct on the school premises or during a school-sponsored activity or to maintain the educational environment.  Law enforcement officials shall be contacted as required by the Michigan Revised School Code.  They may also be summoned for the purpose of maintaining or restoring order when the presence of such officers is necessary to prevent injury to persons or property. Administrators have the responsibility and the authority to determine when the presence and assistance of law enforcement officers are necessary within their respective jurisdictions.   We are pleased to partner with Muskegon County Sheriff’s Department and from time to time they may use our facilities for training purposes. 

Assuming the authority granted to it by law, Montague High School has established the following areas of authority over student conduct:

  • While attending school

  • While in a school vehicle

  • While under the jurisdiction of the school (field trips, etc.)

  • While on school grounds or during any other school-related events

When the administration judges that a student’s behavior adversely influences others, interferes with the educational process, or infringes on the rights of others, disciplinary action will be taken, up to and including suspension from school.

The Board of Education has charged school authorities with the responsibility of safeguarding the safety and well being of the students in their care. In the discharge of that responsibility, school authorities may search school property such as student lockers or the person or property including vehicles.


A student and/or his/her personal effects (e.g., purse, book bag, electronic devices, etc.) may be searched whenever a school authority has reasonable suspicion that a student is in possession of illegal or unauthorized materials.


School authorities may conduct periodic general inspections of lockers at any time without notice, without student consent, and without a search warrant.


Students are permitted to park on school premises as a matter of privilege, not of right.  The interior of a student's vehicle may be inspected without a search warrant whenever a school authority has reasonable suspicion that illegal or unauthorized materials are contained inside.

If a properly conducted search yields illegal or contraband materials, such findings shall be turned over to proper legal authorities for ultimate disposition.  

The district maintains its right to conduct random, unannounced canine searches in order to provide and maintain a safe and orderly school environment. A student's failure to permit searches as provided in this policy will be considered grounds for disciplinary action.  

Any student engaging in criminal acts at or related to the school will be reported to law enforcement officials as well as disciplined by the school.  It is not considered double jeopardy (being tried twice for the same crime), when school rules and the law are violated.
Students should be aware that state law requires that school officials, teachers and appropriate law enforcement officials be notified when a student of this District is involved in crimes related to physical violence, gang related acts, illegal possession of a controlled substance, analogue or other intoxicants, trespassing, property crimes, including but not limited to theft and vandalism, occurring in the school as well as in the community.


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