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ATTENDANCE POLICY (Board Policy 5200) 
The Montague Board of Education, pursuant to the authority granted by the statutes of the State of Michigan, has adopted district Attendance Policy, which sets forth certain attendance requirements for students of the Montague Area Public Schools and establishes procedures and sanctions concerning those requirements.  In order to facilitate the efficient functioning of that policy, the Board of Education resolves the following:

  1. The building principal is charged with the responsibility and given the authority to interpret and enforce district Attendance Policy.

  2. The building principal shall have the authority to order the suspension or removal from school of a student who is in violation of district Attendance Policy, subject always to the ultimate power of the Board of Education to hear and decide an appeal established under the policy, when such an appeal is requested by the student and parents/guardians.


Muskegon County and the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District are working together with school districts to ensure exceptional attendance in all our schools. It's not surprising that regular school attendance correlates directly with success in academic work, improves social interaction with adults and peers and provides opportunities for important communication between teachers and students. Regular attendance also has a cumulative effect of establishing life-long positive traits — responsibility, determination, respect for rules of society -- that are critical for developing career readiness skills, success in college and in life. Please click this link for the Parent Guide: School Attendance and the Law.

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