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The purpose of a grade is to indicate the extent to which the student has acquired the necessary learning.  In general, students are assigned grades based upon test results, homework, projects, and classroom participation.  Specific grading information will be provided at the beginning of each semester on the course syllabus.

All students need a minimum of 18 credits to graduate with incoming freshman needing a minimum of 19.5 credits. Students must complete all academic requirements to receive a Montague diploma.  Under regular circumstances, students can earn 6.25 credits per year (6 from regular classes plus 0.25 from seminar.), totaling 26 credits during their high school career.  All semester classes count as 0.5 credits. THE PRINCIPAL MUST approve any deviations from the graduation requirements.

Graduation from Montague High School means that a student has satisfactorily completed the prescribed courses of study in accordance with his/her respective abilities and has completed requirements as prescribed by the Montague Board of Education and the State of Michigan.  The educational program of the Montague Area Pubic School district is designed to be completed in thirteen years, culminating in the awarding of a diploma.  Whenever possible, the school district will provide opportunities for a student to complete the program within the prescribed thirteen years.

To qualify for a diploma under the usual conditions, a student must  

  • Have been in attendance 9th – 12th grades or a minimum of eight semesters, or be able to verify thirteen years of school attendance.

  • Must complete the required State Assessments.

  • In order to graduate early, students must meet board and state graduation requirements. Additionally, a student must submit an Early Graduation Application to the building principal.

  • Be enrolled in six subjects each semester of the eight required semesters.

  • Complete the minimum credits for graduation, including:

A complete list of MHS graduation requirements, Montague High School course offerings, Advance Placement Courses and other Counseling Department information can be found in our Montague High School Course Guide.

Montague High School graduation ceremony is a privilege not a right.  If a student's conduct warrants behavior consequences, the right to walk at graduation and convocation ceremonies can/will be withheld.  Administration has the right to make this decision based on the event.  A student's right to walk can be tied to their True Blue CORE score and/or attendance.
The following summarizes the credit structure utilized for academic promotion.  Students enrolling in MHS for the first time, will be classified by grade level after review of the transcript and Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) requirements. 

August-Through the Beginning of the School Year Less than 4.75 = Freshmen

August-Through the Beginning of the School Year 4.75 - 9.25 = Sophomore

August-Through the Beginning of the School Year 9.5 - 14.25 = Junior

August-Through the Beginning of the School Year 14.5 or greater = Senior

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