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Driving is a privilege, not a right, and all vehicles must be registered.  Montague High School will not assume liability for any theft, vandalism, or accidents that may occur on school property.  The Montague Police Department has the authority to ticket vehicles. Should school authority have reasonable suspicion that illegal or unauthorized materials are contained inside a vehicle, school personnel may search any vehicle on school property.

In order to register a vehicle with the school, a student must submit a completed driving registration application to the receptionist in the high school front office. Upon approval, the student will be issued a hang tag parking permit to be displayed on the review mirror. If students are registering more than one vehicle, additional drivers registration applications must be filled out for each. Only one hang tag perking permit will be issue for each student and in the case of them using multiple cars, it is their responsibility to change over the hang tag to the appropriate vehicle that is being driven on campus. The administration reserves the right to suspend the issuance of driving permits if parking space becomes limited.

A consequence ranging from the removal of a student’s parking permit, the loss of parking privileges, the towing of the vehicle, or the issuance of a traffic citation by Montague Police Department will be administered for driving and parking violations including:

  • Parking and driving in predesignate areas (handicapped parking, non-student parking, and bus areas)

  • Speeding and reckless driving

  • Failing to register a vehicle with the school

  • Failing to display the parking hang tag properly

  • Violating other traffic laws


Students are not allowed to leave high school property during the school day without permission from an administrator (this includes driving between the buildings). Additionally, staff parking on the North side of the building are off-limits at anytime day or night.  


Career Tech Center students are permitted to leave campus without signing out in the building office. Career Tech Center students leaving campus with their vehicle will be responsible to their parents.  There will be transportation provided for students who choose not to drive, however those students must adhere to all MHS rules while on campus. Students are to travel to and from the CTC must adhere to both the rules of CTC and Montague High School regarding driving and parking.

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