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For information regarding scheduling and courses Montague High School offers please visit our MHS Course Guide.
Information covering the procedures for selecting courses for the following year will be sent home.  Counselors and teachers are available for academic advising prior to the deadline for selection of courses.  A course description book with a list of suggested courses is also available as part of the registration process, as is information on-line at the MAPS website.  Schedules are based on the student’s needs and available class space.  It is the belief that when students schedule in the spring for the following school year, their schedule will not be altered.  Any changes in a student’s schedule should be handled through the counseling office.  Students will not be permitted to drop/change classes due to friends schedules, desired lunch, or teacher preference.  Students may be denied course enrollment due to a lack of available space or the need to pass prerequisites.  

  • Students may add and/or drop classes in the first three days of each semester for: 

    • A mistake in their schedule, an empty hour, a class which has already been taken, or a class which was failed and needs to be re-taken.

    • After the three day window, changes can only occur with administrative approval. 

  • Students are not permitted to drop a course to protect their GPA. This includes AP courses.

  • Students are not allowed to request schedule changes due to a lunch period, a teacher change, or to request a different order of classes.

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