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It is the expectation of the school that instruction begin promptly after the bell rings.    Because arriving late to class is disruptive to the instructional process, students are expected to be in class on time.  Tardiness occurs when a student enters the classroom after the bell has rung within 10 minutes into the class. Tardiness can occur in all hours of the day including 1st hour at the beginning of the school day. If any student arrives to a class more than 10 minutes into the hour that action will constitute a skip. A teacher will record an Unexcused Absence (AU) for any student who arrives more than 10 minutes late to class. An Unexcused Absence is considered a "skip" unless excused otherwise. Each "skip" will result in 2 lunch detentions.


The Tardy Policy discipline progression is as follows (Progression is based on each semester of school):

1st Tardy - Results in a warning 

2nd Tardy - Results in a teacher/student conference

3rd Tardy - Results in a Parent Contact

4th Tardy - Results in a Snap Suspension/Office Referral

5th Tardy - Results in a Snap Suspension/Office Referral

If Tardiness becomes chronic, administration reserves the right for further action to help change the behavior.  

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