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Cell phones and personal media devices (iPods, MP3 players, video games, etc.) may not be used during the school day. During the school day all personal devices including cell phones, smart watches, ECD's must be powered off and placed in your locker. 

Cell phones and personal media devices (iPods, MP3 players, video games, etc.) may be used on the campus outside the school day. The use of cell phones and other electronic devices (electronic communication devices) in locker rooms is prohibited. Parents or guardians may be required to come to school to pick up phones and personal electronic devices if confiscated.

Possession of a cell phone or other electronic devices by a student is a privilege, which may be forfeited by any student who fails to abide by the terms of this policy, or otherwise engaged in misuse of this privilege.

Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action against the student which will result in confiscation of the cell phone or ECD, as well as action up to and including suspension.

Recording and/or posting audio or video (including photos) of Staff or Students on District property, or at District sponsored events, with or without permission, is prohibited. Consequences will be left to Administrator discretion, up to and including Administrative Hearing.

The students who possess a cell phone or electronic devices shall assume sole responsibility for its care. At no time shall the district be responsible for preventing theft, loss, or damage to cell phones or any other electronic devices brought onto its property.



Montague High School believes technology can greatly enhance learning and enrich educational experiences for all students.  Access, however, is a privilege not a right. Access entails responsibility, both for the equipment and for the information accessed and created through the use of technology.  Users must work within the guidelines established by Montague High School. Each user of technology shall read the following: General Rules of the Network and Disciplinary Action statements.  When a student registers for school they agree to abide by the schools technology policies and procedures. Violation will result in confiscation without warning. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action against the student which will result in confiscation of the cell phone or Electronic Communication Device (ECD), as well as action up to and including suspension. In addition, Montague High School staff reserves the right to monitor all computer use by any means possible in order to keep the network and school environment safe. 


1. Privacy: The school has the right to inspect any technology devices used at school. The school reserves the right to monitor Internet traffic and to retrieve and read any data composed, sent, received, and/or stored using the school’s technology resources, including but not limited to, the school’s network and/or Internet connections. Network administrators may review communications using the school’s technology resources to maintain system integrity and to ensure that students are using the system responsibly. Students, families, and other users do not enjoy any expectation of privacy with regard to the use of the school’s technology resources (including transmissions originating within or around school property or the technology service area). Users are responsible for using only their own student ID, and for maintaining the privacy of passwords.  They are prohibited from publishing or discussing passwords. NEVER SHARE YOUR USER ID OR PASSWORD WITH ANYONE.


2. Storage Capacity: Users are expected to respect disk space and to delete files or other materials that take up excessive storage space and that are no longer being accessed.


3. Printing Resources: Users are expected to use good judgment when printing on the school’s network printers. Paper, toner, and color ink can be costly, and excessive use of these resources is wasteful. Please proofread documents carefully before printing. Only print the

necessary part(s) of documents. As with the use of all technology resources, printing of inappropriate materials or language is prohibited.


4. Software: Users shall not download or install any software onto school-provided student computers. This includes but is not limited to media files (music, movies, etc.), commercial software requiring a license, games, pirated software, or software intended to circumvent

network protections (e.g. Internet filtering).


5. Illegal Copying: Users shall not copy other people's work or attempt to intrude into other people's files. All copyright laws must be respected. A copy of the copyright laws pertaining to digital property can be obtained from the Technology Department. These laws also apply to music and movie files.


6. Inappropriate Materials or Language: Accessing, viewing, creating, printing, sending, sharing, or otherwise using impolite, pornographic, and/or profane language or materials is not permitted when using the school’s technology resources. Accessing materials not in line

with the rules of school behavior is prohibited. Users should never access, send, or view materials they would not want instructors or parents to see. If students encounter any inappropriate material by accident, he/she should report it to his/her instructor immediately.


7. Virus Protection: All data from outside sources is scanned for viruses before use on any technology device within the school’s network. Downloading/saving of non-work-related attachments or files on any technology device within the school’s network is not allowed unless proper authorization is obtained from an instructor in advance.


8. Inappropriate Technology: Only school-purchased or specifically approved hardware, software, or other technology and technology devices may be used in the school building and on the network. Non-school standard equipment exposes significant licensing, security, and

virus risks. Any technology that has not been purchased and/or approved by the school is prohibited. Connecting cell phones to the network via WiFi is prohibited unless directed by an instructor for educational purposes.

  • Personal communication device (ie, cell phone, smart watches, tablets) use is only permitted prior to the start of the school day.  Any personal device at school shall be turned off and secured in the student’s locker until after school instructional hours.

  • Personal communication devices are NEVER allowed in use in locker rooms, bathrooms, or dressing areas.

  • Personal laptops/devices are not permitted on the network.


9. Cyber-bullying: The school prohibits acts of cyber-bullying, which is a subset of bullying and involves the use of information and communication technologies. It is an individual’s or a group’s deliberate or repeated hostile behavior through the use of technology that is

intended to harm, intimidate, or harass others. Types of use include but are not limited to blogs; cell phone and pager text messages; defamatory personal Websites and polling Websites; emails; instant messages; and online social directories and communities. Cyber-

bullying is prohibited on school time and school premises or off school time and school premises if such acts causes a substantial disruption to the school environment.



Users violating any of these guidelines will face disciplinary action deemed appropriate in keeping with the disciplinary policies and procedures of the school.  Users will be required to make full financial restitution for any unauthorized expenses incurred or any damages caused. 

Any student who receives a subsequent technology code violations will be directed to the principal for additional disciplinary action.

The school administration reserves the right to administer disciplinary action in a discretionary manner.  Disciplinary action for computer offenses may vary from the outlined procedure.

Wrap Around Consequences- Amount of time loss on the computer dependent on the way the computer was misused. Could result in possible Administrative Hearing if the offense breaks any state or federal laws.


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