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TRANSPORTATION (Board Policy 8600) 

Busing is available for all students that live outside of the designated walking boundaries.  Bus routes and stop information is provided during registration for High School Students.  While students are on the bus, they are under the supervision of the bus driver.    In most cases, bus discipline problems can be handled by the bus driver.  In the case of a written disciplinary referral, student bus problems will be investigated and handled by the Transportation Director and/or the building principal. Parents will be informed of any and all inappropriate student behavior on a bus.  Parents are encouraged to discuss bus safety and appropriate behavior with their children before the beginning of the school year and regularly during the year.

In the interest of the student’s safety, students are expected to observe the following rules while on the Bus:
1. Choose a seat and sit in it immediately upon entering the bus.  Do not stand in the entrance or in the aisle.
2. Do not move from one seat to another while on the bus.
3. Keep all parts of the body and all objects inside the bus.
4. Loud conversation, singing, boisterous conduct, unnecessary noise, or profanity is not allowed.
5. Enter and exit the bus only when the bus is fully stopped.
6. All school rules apply while on the bus, at a bus stop, or waiting for the bus.
7. Use emergency door only in an emergency.
8. In the event of emergency, stay on the bus and await instructions from the bus driver.
9.   Good behavior and behavior that will not distract the bus driver from operating the bus safely is required.  Crowding, pushing, scuffling, and other needless commotion are grounds for disciplinary action.
10. Students may open windows only with the permission of the bus driver.
11. Keep the bus neat and clean.
12. Athletic footwear equipped with cleats or spikes are not allowed on the bus.
13. Inappropriate behavior will be reported to school authorities and failure to observe safety rules may result in suspension from bus services.
14. Students are required to be at their bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to the designated stop time.
15. Never tamper with, damage, or deface anything in or on the bus, or any of the bus or school equipment.
16. Keep book bags, books, packages, coats, and other objects out of the aisles.  Keep all body parts clear of the aisles when seated.
17. Eating and drinking is not allowed on school busses at any time.
18. Parents will be liable for any defacing or damage students do to the bus.

Students may be suspended from riding the school bus for engaging in misconduct.

Video cameras may be active on buses to record student conduct and may be used for the purposes of investigation into misconduct or accidents on the bus.

For questions regarding school transportation issues, contact 231-893-1535.

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