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The athletic department’s “Code of Conduct” includes rules and regulations governing the behavior of student-athletes.  When a student registers for school they agree to abide by the Montague High School Athletic Code of Conduct policies and procedures. Disciplinary action that may result from violations of this code are in addition to and separate from discipline that would result from violations of the rules and regulations outlined in this handbook.  Here is a complete copy of the MHS Athletic Code of Conduct.

Under the National Collegiate Athletic Association and Michigan High School Athletic Association bylaws, the use of performance enhancing drugs is prohibited by students. Because many supplements contain these banned drugs, students should review the list provided by NCAA and MHSAA. These bylaws are available in the High School Athletic Office.  Any questions you have regarding MHS Athletics can be answered by our Athletic Director, Pat Collins, at 981-4537.  For more information regarding athletics or forms please visit the MHS Athletics website.

The Montague Board of Education, the administration, and the staff of the Montague Area Public School District, Montague, Michigan, will continue to establish whatever rules and policy steps are necessary to assure non-discrimination on the basis of sex in all educational programs, curricular and extra-curricular activities, and employment practices which come under the regulations of Title IX.

It is the policy of this school district that all students shall have an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from all academic and extra-curricular activities and services. Thus, on the basis of sex, it will be a violation of policy for the district, board, administration, teachers, or other staff to: 

  • Have different rules of conduct or means of punishing students.

  • Treat students differently in deciding whether they are entitled to services.

  • Provide different activities or similar services in a different manner

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