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Students will be issued this information from the Montague High School Handbook the first day of school. This handbook includes a planner for the school year with other added resources. This will act as a student pass throughout the school day and must be on the student at all times throughout the school day with exception of lunch period. Students will get 3 passes per class, per semester.


Photo IDs will be issued at the beginning of the school year.  Students IDs may be used in a variety of circumstance so students must keep IDs accessible throughout the school year. If the ID is defaced, lost, or damaged during the year, students can purchase a replacement ID from the front office for $5.00.  

LOCKER USAGE (Board Policy 5771) 
Lockers are the property of the school district. A student is assigned  to one locker for the duration of a school year for the purpose of storing school-related materials and such authorized personal items outer garments, footwear, grooming aids, athletic gear and lunch.  All students are responsible for the contents of their lockers and should not divulge locker combinations to other students. 

  • Students are to keep the interior and exterior of the locker clean and neat.  

  • Locker displays (photos, drawings, words, etc.) must be appropriate for a school building and can only exist inside of the lockers. 

  • References or depictions of controlled substances (including advertisements, alcohol posters, etc.) are prohibited.  

  • Money or valuables should not be kept in lockers.  It is recommended not to bring money or valuables to school.

  • Locker problems should be reported to the counseling office or front office.

A student using a Band or Physical Wellness locker will be issued a lock for the semester in which he or she is enrolled in a Band or Physical Wellness course. Students are responsible for the contents of their lockers.  Students are also responsible for placing all valuables in a locker and locking it. MHS is not responsible for the loss or theft of money and valuables or is it responsible for the retrieval of said money or valuables.

Random searches of school lockers and their contents may be necessary to deter violations of school rules and regulations.  School administrators may search for and seize items within the locker that violate Board policy.  

If a student finds articles in or around the school, he/she should turn them into the front office.  When appropriately identified, articles may be claimed by owners.  All athletic losses must be reported to the athletic director's office.

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